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Feb 18

More new poses of hyper-busty mega-babes Bew, Namtip, Kwan and Preaw!

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5 new clips: tiny but huge Prem (cute little behind + monsterboobs) & Pla, Mo's torpedoes in whopping motion and more oral hardcore with raunchy sucker Preaw & Benc's big suck-lips!
Below: more Asian tit-meat and great street-discoveries, Monday new at CandidDingDongs!!
Feb 11

More new pics of Oh, Oi, May & Fai! 5 new clips with huge Poo,

sweater-maid Mod, Bee & Bom bust to bust, big-cock-gobbling with suck-faces Mild & Oi!
FDDarchive updated with 50 bulging clips from yesteryears! Click below for illustrated News!
Below: Big Asian Tits and gargantuan street-sightings, Monday new at!
February 4

More hot pics of Miw, June, Dow, huge Prem & nasty hardcore-stills!! Five new clips:

Dow shows her big bra, Namtip, Mo & Oi pumping & sucking fat cock, hot Fah from last set!
Below: more Asian tit-beauties & bouncy street-meat, Monday new at!!
January 28

More tiny girls with titanic tits: sweeties Or, Vi, Kaew & Kik! 5 new clips: dildo-tester Oi,

sexy Preaw's boobs & ass, cute Oh, muscly Mai and more mouth-stretching with pretty Benc!
Below: more mindboggling Asian Boobs and massive street-jugs, Monday new at CDD!
January 21

More new pics of Benc, Mod, Mild and mega-huge Nuk! Five new clips: huge Nuk,

beauty Mo, Cat, Pla soaps monstercock, and Namtip learns how to blow a meaty monster-flute!
Below: more Asian boob-meat and glorious street-sightings, Monday new at CandidDingDongs!
January 14

More new pics of Bew, Kwan, Namtip & Preaw! Five new clips:

big Namtip, huge Prem, greedy suck-slave Oi and raunchy Preaw sucking, Meow & Daw!
FDDarchive updated with 50 more clips from yesteryears! Click below for illustrated News!
Below: new Asian tit models & bouncy street-sightings, Monday new at CandidDingDongs!!
Jan 07

The first update of the year with first pics of Oi, Oh, Fai and stunning May! Five new clips:

cool Dow, Mod's giant cleavage, tall Bee & short Bom, Pla riding, and hot cock-slave Mild!!
Below: hot Asian tits&puffies and great street-sightings, Monday new at!
Dec. 31

On the last day of the year first new pics of Miw, June, Dow and tiny but mega-huge Prem! 5 new

clips: Oh, cool Dow, giant Poo, suck-doll Mo and greedy Oi grinding her face into fat cock-meat!
Below: more big titted Asians (titfuck!) and bouncy street-cleavages, Monday new at CDD!
December 24

Happy Holidays!! Xmas-update comes with first new pics of Kik, Kaew, tiny Vi, happy Or and hot hardcore-stills! 5 new

clips: huge Nuk, Mo, newbie Benc sucks dick, lil Namtip sucks fat monstercock & Fa smoking!
Below: more hot busty Asians and bouncy street-meat, Monday new at!
Dec. 17

Updated with first new pics of Benc, huge Nuk, Mild and Mod! 5 new clips: Bee&Bom,

Mod's bouncy cleavage, cock-pumping Pla, suck-devil Oi and huge-boob-smothering with Gwan!
Below. gorgeous Asians and spectacular street sightings, Monday new at!
Dec. 10

Set 33 Launch!!! With first new pics of Kwan, Namtip, Bew and Preaw!!

5 new clips: huge Prem, bra-busting Namtip, new cocksuckers Mild & Preaw, Fah from set 32!
Below: Holy Spunk!!! FDDarchive updated with 16 facials and more treats from yesteryears!!!
Below: more Big Boobed Asians and bouncy street-sightings, Monday new at CandidDingDongs!
December 3 - Click here or thumbs above to watch more new girls' introductions!! Now online:
Awesome new movie-trailer - larger size!! Watch FDD's popular half-year-highlight with over 70 preview-snippets of clips to come, soft- and (lots of) hardcore (click thumbs left for larger stills...)!!
Last picture-update of set 32 with many large clip-stills of about 15 girls! New girls next week!
Below: more big Asian Tits and meaty street-sightings, Monday new a!!
November 19 - More new girls! Click below or here to see & read more introductions!!!
Regular update with new pics of Lulu, May, Pim, Joy and hot hardcore-stills! 5 new
clips showing Bee&Bom, big Gwan, hot Fah, Bom sucking cock and big facial for beauty Mo!
Below: more big Asian Tits and whopping street sightings, Monday new at CandidDingDongs!
November 19 - FDD's lovely new girls! Click below or here to see & read first introductions!!!
Members' update with more hot pics of Linda, Pla, Meow and Cat! 5 new clips, showing sultry Fah,
muscly Mai, Nong's upper- & underboobs, Pla bottom-free & all nude, and Bee sucking cock!
FDDarchive updated with 50 more clips from yesteryears! Click below for illustrated News!
Below: sexy busty Asians and gorgeous street-sightings, Monday new at!
They're not that innocent: lots of cock-pumping, -soaping and -sucking in the upcoming new set...!
This week's update with more pics of busty Bee, Bom, Nong and Min! 5 new clips: Mai riding on lap, Gwan, Joy's
big cleavage, pouty Fa 'smoking' fat cock and finally a huge, nasty facial cumshot for porndoll Pla!
Below. more big Asian Boobs and street- & beach-sightings, Monday new at CandidDingDongs!
November 5

Back from DingDong Land!!! Look at those cuties (there are even more), all hand-picked by myself, this time without help of any assistant (very proud)...!

Regular update with last new pics of Nanny, Cha, Toon and Fern! 5 new clips: Bee&Bom,
Pim's overfilled bra, smothering with Cat, Bom sucks big dick and huge Poo receives her facial!
Below: more big Asian Tits and hot street-sightings, Monday at!
29th of October

Still from DDL, where I met Nut again who grew really huge. Tiny lil Vi got considerably larger as well and looks cuter than ever. On far right a busty newbie, Kwan. And I collected five more oral action & facials with Mo, Namtip, Oi, Pla,

two newbies and sexy face Mild for the first time! Regular update with more pics of Moo, Ning, Iu, Mai plus hardcore-stills!
5 new clips: Nok & Fin fighting, Poo & Mai riding on lap, Fa & Beebee smoking biggus dickus!
Below: more stacked Asians and bouncy street-sightings, Monday new at!
22nd of October

More greetings from DingDongLand, where I almost completed my selection of awesome girls for the upcoming set, girls like stunning newcomer Mod, tiny but stacked Namtip and deicated suck-devil Oi, as shown on the right...!

Regular update with more gotgeous pics of pouty Linda, Jay, skinny but huge-titted Pla and Far!
5 new clips with huge Pla & Poo, Bee & Bom, cocksucking Mo and facial cumshot for Bom!
Below: more nude Asian tits and meaty street-cleavages, Monday new at CandidDingDongs!
15th of October

Greetings from DingDongLand! Already casted about 15 new ladies, like Preaw on far right (hot smile and great cocksucker), or tiny but monsterboobed Prem on the right! And I made a great find by seeing Oi again after about 9 years, FDD's most talented cocksucker!!

Regular update with more great pics of Joy, Fah, Bom & May! 5 new clips with tiny ass-dolls Meaw&Daw,
Fa's big bra, huge Gwan and Pla spreading pussy - and bubbly Beebee molested by fat cock!
Below: Asian Titfucking & spectacular street-sightings, Monday new at!
October 8

Greetings from Ding Dong Land! Just arrived and already casted (more than) a handful of

bra-busting beauties! Regular update with more pics of Bee, Meow, Cat and Lulu! 5 new clips: lil Pim, cleavage-Cat, Fah & friend, Bom sucking big dick & creamy facial on Fa's pouty face!
FDDarchive updated with 50 more clips from yesteryears! Click below for illustrated News!
Below: more big Asian tits and humongous street-sightings, Monday new at CandidDingDongs!
October 01

New hot pics of busty Min, Nong, Chacha, Pim and more nasty hardcore-stills!

Five new clips: Pla showing off, tall Bee & short Bom tit-to-tit, Nong bust-bumping her flat-chested friend, Ruck from last set, throat-pumping with Poo! Next trip to DingDongLand ahead!
Below: tit-goddess Nana, tiny titty Mee, a busty Muslim & other sightings, Monday new at CDD!
September 24 More nice pics of Mai, Nanny, big Toon and Fern! Five new clips: Nok & Fin dancing tit-to-tit, pouty Fa , porndoll
Pla sucks! Mo smokes & sucks cock with facial! Beam from last set. Next trip to DDL ahead!
Below: Asian superstar Nana, Nam and massive street-sightings, Monday at CandidDingDongs!
September 17

Spectacular views of Jay, Iu, Moo and Ning! 5 new clips: cleavage-dolls Meow & Daw, Pla spreads pussy,

Nan, Fah tit-teasing her friend, and Fa pumping fat cock with a mixture of disgust and fascination!
Below: Asians Nut and Nana (shaking her Nana's), meaty street-sightings, Monday new at CDD!
Sep 10

More of pouty Linda, hot Fah, glamourous May & fit Far! Five new clips:

cute Pim, Ruck, short Bom and tall Bee together and sucking cock with first facial for Beebee!!
FDDarchive updated with 50 more clips from yesteryears! Click below for illustrated News!
Below. Asian tit-wonder Nana, Nut's tits spanked, spectacular street-sightings Monday at CDD!
September 3

With new pics of bubbly brats Beebee and Bom, Joy, glorious Pla and more hot hardcore-stills! 5 new clips:

Joy and Mai wearing swimsuits, two suck-clips with Poo and beauty Mo, and Sa from last set!
Below: Asian Titters Nana & Nut, gorgeous street-sightings, Monday new at CandidDingDongs!