August 19

More nice images of our over-endowed cuties Fa, Gwan, Bon and Kwan! 5 new clips:

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Mod solo, Kwan sucking and both of them on a playground! Nang tit-teasing her friend, and Pla!
Below: more spectacular Asian boobs soaped & fucked, street-wobblers, Monday new at CDD!
August 12

More thrilling pics of Nang, Balm, Bo and Ploy! Five new movie-clips showing huge Pla in two tops,

butt-doll Gee (ass-sitting!), lactating Kwan and more massive cockmeat for Pompem and raunchy Oi!
FDDarchive updated with 50 more clips & lots of fucking! Click below for illustrated News!
Below: more busty Asians and spectacular street-sightings, Monday new at CandidDingDongs!
5th of August

More incredible pics of super-skinny Nat, lowslung Mon, long-legged Mai and tall mega-buster Som-O! Five new clips:

lactating Mod, ass-doll Kwan, Ing showing bra, washing & sucking pumped monsterdong, Oi from last set!
Below: more busty Asian stunners and massive street-cleavages, Monday new at CandidDingDongs!
July 29

Enticing new images of busty hotties Gee, Ai, Pompem and Ja! Five new movie clips: Pom at the pool, huge whopper Som, tiny Vi sucks cock much too fat for her

small mouth, cock-doll Ing creams and pumps monstercock in a huge tube, and Oh from last set!
Below: more busty Asian dolls and monsterjugs from the US, Monday new at CandidDingDongs!
July 22

Hot new pics of muscly Ple, skinny Jay (left), Ing, Soda and naughty hardcore-stills! 5 new

clips: buxotic Bon in the pool, cuties Ai & Nat, Mod sucking fat cock, and huge Nuk from last set!
Below: more buxom Asian goddesses and incredible street sightings, Monday new at CDD!
July 15

Sorry for the delay - this week with new nice pics of Gwan, Duan (left), Fon and Mod! Plus five new clips showing Gee as oversexed

office lady, Mod&Kwan bouncing public, cock-suckers Kwan & Pla, and Preaw from last set!
Below: more busty Asian stunners & exciting street sightings, Monday new at CandidDingDongs!
July 8

New pics of ass-dolls Nang & Kwan (left), big Bon and shy Fa! 5 new clips

with Ing, Nang & her flat friend, Mod in the pool, cock-sucking Pompem, and skinny but huge Oi!
FDDarchive updated with 50 more clips from yesteryears! Click below for illustrated News!
Below: Asian Dream-Tits & humongous street-sightings, Monday new at CandidDingDongs!
1st of July

More pics of slim & super-stacked beauties Mon, Bo, Ploy and Balm! Five new clips: Pompem pushing her huge boobs into farang's face, Som's

mega-whoppers, Kwan can't hold her milk, lactating all over the place, Pla pumping monster-dong, and penis-fan Ing filming huge bulge in awe, getting closer & closer to his whopping meat!
Below: Asian Tits & sparkling city-sightings, Monday new at!
June 24

More pics of cuties Ja & Nat, long-legged Mai and our biggest, Som-o! Five new clips, showing

Gee's sweater-meat & wobble-ass, huge Pla "bottomless" in red and blue, first clip of Nang humiliating her flat-chested friend, lil Vi sucks a dick thicker than her upper-arm, plus Bee&Bom!
Below: more Asian breast-goddesses and street-sightings, Monday new at CandidDingDongs!
June 17

Those swimsuits don't even cover their nipples: more pics of Ple, Pompem, Ai & Gee! 5 new clips:

Mod&Kwan walking through a public park, Mod & Ing's oral adventures, huge Oi from last set!
Below: Asian goddesses Nana & Ying in the sunshine, cleavage-queen Sutida, Monday at CDD!
June 10

First pics of Soda, Jay, Gwan, more pics of Ing! Plus first hot hardcore-stills! Five new clips:

Skinny Nat as waitress, Mod's too small bra, huge Som-o, Pla eats monstercock & Ms. cock-greed Oi!
FDDarchive updated with 50 more clips from yesteryears! Click below for illustrated News!
Below: new busty Asians, goddess Nana & stunning street-/beach-sightings, Monday at CDD!
3rd of June

First new pics of hot Kwan, Fon (left), Duan and Mod! Five new clips: pouty Ai in ultra-miniskirt, Bon's heavy rack in the pool,

Pompem's cock-shock, Kwan finally gets the dick of her dreams, and beautiful Mo from last set!
Below: new Asian discovery, goddess Nana & Ying for the first time in daylight, Monday at CDD!
May 27th

Again with first new pics of Mon, Fa (left), big Bon & ass-doll Nang! Five new clips this week with lactating Mod's

milk, biggest Pla in two tops, Ing in the pool, Preaw, and for the first time tiny Vi with huge cock!
Below: more great Asian Tits (fucked) and whopping street-sightings, Monday new at CDD!
20th of May

First large pics of buxotic beauties Mai, Bo (left), Balm and Ploy (right)! Plus five new clips showing Bon's heavy boobs getting wet in the pool, great Gee's

marvel-ass sitting on farang's face, beautiful Mod sucking big dick for the first time, Namtip from last set, and Kwan candidly filming monster-bulge in the pool, approaching farang to help her, always peeking at his bulge, ruminating how to get his fat dick, finally dressing up as a cock-doll!
Below: more big-titted Asians and marvelous street-sightings, Monday at!
May 13

Feast your eyes on first pics of ass-doll Gee, big & tall Som, lovely Ja and Nat! First video-clips of the set (now higher resolution!): see

Mod & Kwan walking public along a busy highway, posing with dinosaurs! Cool Pompem and whopping huge Som! Ing in micro-skirt visits Mr. Dong who's fapping as always. She grabs his bulge right away and shows a cute cock-shock-reaction! Plus Bee & Bom from last set...!
FDDarchive updated with 50 more clips from yesteryears! Click below for illustrated News!
Below: Asian Titfuck and more humongous street-sightings, Monday new at CandidDingDongs!
May 6 - SET 34 Launch!!! Click thumbs above for more new girls' introductions! New movie-trailer now online!!! Over 70 preview snippets of clips to come, soft- & hardcore! Girls walking public! Girls lactating! Wet boobs! Girls taking candids of monsterbulge! Cock shock!
Sucking! Soaping! Pumping! Ass sitting! Fucking! Massive Facials!! Don't miss this compilation!
Plus: first pics of new girls Ing, muscly Ple, cool Pompem and sweet hot Ai (with Vi!)!!
Below: more awesome Asian Tits and street-sightings, Monday new at!
April 29 - More New Girls' Introductions - click here or on pics above! - Last update of set 33
with last new pics of Vi, Mon, Dow and tiny but huge Prem! Bravas!! 5 new clips showing Mod in her
huge bra, lil Namtip, huge Prem, rough throating with Oi and a creamy, massive facial on screaming Preaw! First new pics of set 34 and a fat movie-trailer - soft- & hardcore - with many previews coming next week!!!
Below: more Asian dream-tits, titfucking and great street- & beach-sightings, Monday at CDD!
April 22

Click left to get intro's of the first eight lovely new girls! For the new set we tried to follow your requests for more lactating boobs (Kwan, Mod), public shots, wet boobs

and even some real f**king! - Regular update with last new pics of Kwan, May, Fai & Oi!
Five new clips, showing Mod, Oi in swimsuit, sucking & cock-soaping with Preaw & Pla! Facial for Namtip (next week Preaw)!
Below: more nude Asian boobs and gorgeous street-sightings, Monday new at CandidDingDongs!
April 15

On the left some impressions from next set's cock-clips (sucking & fucking)! Will start to introduce our new dolls from next week! - Regular update with new pics of

Miw, June, Dow, Nam & more hardcore-stills! 5 new clips: tiny but huge Prem, sexy Mod,
Chinese doll Dow, facial season continues with shots for Benc and Mild (next week: Namtip...!)
Below: more Busty Asians & awesome tit-teens, Monday new at!
April 8

Back from DongDong Land! These are the girls we are going to show in the new set - not even all of them!: From super-cute to raunchy, with shapely legs, tiny butts and monster-tits!!

And there are more cocksuckers: Pla and tiny Vi! - Regular update with more nice images of Vi,
Or, Kik and Kaew! Five new clips: Facial season starts with a massive shower for Mo (next week Benc & Mild), + more fat cockmeat for Oi & Nam (also dancing)!
FDDarchive updated with 50 more clips from yesteryears! Click below for illustrated News!
Below: more Asian Tits (fucked!) & gorgeous street-sightings, Monday new at CandidDingDongs!
1st of April

Still updating from DDL - you asked for wet boobs in the pool - here we go! In the middle petite fall-in-love-girl Nat, on the right chinese doll Soda. Eternal Pla will be back! - Regular update with more pics

of Benc, Mild, Mod and tiny but mega-huge Prem! 5 new clips showing Mo's vast cleavage whopping on
farang's lap, Mod in swimsuit, tiny Prem's huge whoppers and more throat-reaming with Mild & Benc!
Below: more Asian Honkers & busty street-peeks, Monday new at!
March 25

More of your wishes fulfilled in DingDong Land: public shots on an outdoor trip and a facial for hottie Kwan! On the right newbies Ing and Som-o!

Regular update with more pics of naughty Namtip, Bew, Kwan and Preaw! 5 new clips: lil Namtip,
cool Dow, Preaw wearing bra & swimsuit, sucking big cock, and raunchy Oi grinding her face into fat cockmeat!
Below: more Asian Titmeat and gorgeous city-sightings, Monday new at!
March 18

On the right some impressions from DingDong Land: Mod after spermbath, hot sweetie Ai, Nang training hard to get the best ass in town,

and we followed another of your wishes: spectacular milking & lactating with stunners Mod & Kwan!
Regular update with more pics of Oh, Fai, Oi, May and more meaty hardcore-stills!
5 new clips with Mo, tiny but huge whopper Prem, and more fat cockmeat on Mo's, Pla's & Nam's faces!
Below: more Busty Asians and whopping street-boobs, Monday new at!
March 11

Greetings from DingDong Land! Just arrived and already fulfilled one of your wishes: massive facial for stunning Mod!

You see her in an enticing clip of this week's movie-selection, next to Namtip and cocksuckers Oi & Mild! Plus more great pics of bikini-beauties Miw, Dow, June, and of tiny Prem's unbelievable monsterboobs!
FDDarchive updated with 50 bulging clips from yesteryears! Click below for illustrated News!
Below: nude Asian Breasts and more stunning street-sightings, Monday new at CandidDingDongs!
March 4

Last update before DDL with more pics of Or, Kaew, Kik and tiny Vi with her strong boobs pointing up like rocket heads!

5 more clips with dancing Dow, boppers Bee & Bom, our biggest: Nut and Prem, and sucker Benc smoking the gun (from next week at least 2 oral hc clips in every update)! Did you notice the new signup forms? They provide more payment options for people without credit card, and you need less typing to get in, especially when you signup for the new feature CCBill Pay, which securely stores your payment options for future purchases & quicker access, and allows you to manage & update your credit card information (to avoid failed rebills due to expired cards). What do you think? Does FDD, after 16 years, need a face lift? What style? - Next week from DDL!!