September 23

All new pics of yesteryears' Yok, New (left), Ruck and tiny teaser Wan! Great new and large combo-clips showing raunchy

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Em's big bouncers and muscly ass! Lowslung beauty Nang in three gowns! Two subtitled oral hardcore clips with slutty Ing who recalls her last dates with Mr.Schlong and just has to meat this dick again! And cute Fah whose morning routine is to soap fat cock before she's leaving home - and when she returns in the evening, a swollen monstercock is waiting at the doorstep for more penile action...!
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September 16

New pics of girls who haven't been shown for ages: bubbly Beam, cute Sa (left), pouty Daw and joyful Joy! New, enhanced combo-

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September 09

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Nee posing in various tops, tiny but lowslung Vi playing with her friend Gift, and more oral hardcore with shaeply legged New tasting the big one, and legendary sucker Ped, with facial!
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September 02

Cool new pics of ladies Num, Tip (left), bubbly Tee and Lay! And great new, larger and longer combo-clips with early softcore-takes of gagging

Gai's whopping rack, rarely shown timid sweetie Pet, and oral hardcore in two subtitled clips with cute Fa and raunchy Nam, staring mesmerized at farang's massive, frightening cock and apple-sized balls before he turns them into gagging cock-sluts - and they love it! Creamy facial for Fa!
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August 26

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New and enhanced combo-clips showing a living blonde barbie doll and cute bopper Oy wearing a couple of tops, naughty Nee sucking huge lollipop and dick (full scene with facial), and sweetie Sheer paying Mr. Schlong another visit to pump his monstercock even fatter (with subtitles)!
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August 19

More new pics of cute boppers Toei and Lak (left), glamour-smile Ying and sweet Fern! New, exciting combo-clips with

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August 12

More new exciting pics of Nong, Min (left), Fa and Jay! And new, enhanced combo-clips with tiny but mega-boobed Ning wearing underboob-tops,

micro-girl Vi and her mate Gift wearing no bra and playing tit-to-tit, oral hardcore with suckretary Ped and with pigtailed cutie Bo who just can't take the monsterdong out of her sweet mouth...!
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August 5

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July 29

Nice new pics of Nery, Da (left), Annie and Aitim! Big, re-edited combo-clips with dancer

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July 22

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July 15

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New, upsized and enhanced combo-clips with lowslung Waen molested by farang, of skinny but bra-busting Aom, of cock-slut Pla pumping and sucking fat cock, and a subtitled clip with beauty Mo taking selfies of herself sucking big cock, later gagging so hard that she's afraid to puke...!
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July 08

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July 01

Hot new pics of tiny Tik, slutty pimple-face Oi (left), of glamorous Jam and pouty Yok! More large, re-edited and enhanced combo-clips with Afghan

beauty Mo walking with and without bra, of hottie Mickey in various tops (Mo's and Mickey's recent suck-scenes still online!), cute cocksucker Bo pinched to the wall, and a new subtitled clip with sweet Aom: fascinated by the flasher she sees every day, she starts an approach and touches his big dick - too scared to suck, but in the end willing to let him shoot a massive load on her face!
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June 24

Nice new pics of timid Prune, happy Fai (left), of (another) Bew and well-hung Som! Great new, re-edited and enhanced combo-

clips of sexy cutie Por in various tops (her full suck-scene still online!), of bubbly Mild (good dancer), another subtitled suck-clip with Sheer, who first can't believe that this is a real cock and struggles with its constant flow of pre-cum! And a full scene with "No-Panties" Porndoll Pla, meating "bulge-man" again and goes the whole way, sucking & fucking his fat, pumped trunk...!
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June 17

Hot new pics of lil' Oi, raunchy Preaw (left), big Gik and cute Bew! Colossal

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June 10

All new pics of lowslung Mon, sexy and totally stoned Mild (left), cute Kwan and her busty, bubbly mate Ing!

New, long and large combo-clips showing Pla's lactation orgy, spurting gallons of milk all over the place! Gorgeous Garfield dancing with and without bra, and inbetween showing her great suck-skills (with mindblowing facial!). More thick-cock-sucking with cute sweeties Bo and Nuk (facial!)!
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June 03

New images of happy face Nam, Katai's tit-expansion (left), Nes and Oil! Great new, large combo-clips with tiny

but mega-busty Ling, sweetie Aom's first video-shooting (and her first facial!), a full suck-scene of sexy Ann, and another subtitled story-clip with cute Por who wants to see the well-hung guy her friends Pla & Lee told her about (threesome-scenes!). She starts to grab his cock right at his door-step and doesn't care about the neighbours watching her cock-sucking until the facial-final!
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May 27

New, stunning pics of busty sweeties Pim and Donut (left), of classy Dengmon and sideboob-wonder Pang! New colossal combo-clips with no-bra-whopper

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May 20

Amazing new pics of sweet Mornny, mega-boobed Pay (left), glamour-gals Jenny and Jane! Plus more large & long combo-clips

showing Bo and Em whopping without bras, the very first facial of Porndoll Pla, and a great, subtitled story-clip of raunchy Sheer introducing her cute sis (another Bo) to their neighbour! Sheer told her about his huge cock, so Bo got curious...! Sheer told her he's horny all the time, and dressed like a cockdoll with micro-skirt and highest heels, cute Bo made sure he wants to play with her as well...!
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May 13

More new pics of yesteryear-stars Mae, Emme (left), Kate and Mook! Plus more long and large combo-

clips of stunners Cartoon and Lee whopping without bra, of sexy An cock-teasing farang without panties, and of tiny Nuk who can't forget farang flexing his huge cock, returns to his home where she finds him masturbating as always! Huge dick on tiny ass, sucking, big facial - and subtitles!
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all new pics of busty boppers Gwan and Tee (left), of lovely Ann and super-tiny but mega-busty Nok! New and large

compilation-clips with Prang's sexy friend Nan in various outfits, Porndoll Pla's second facial (famous line: "Have sunshine outside, but inside rain!"), more hardcore gagging with Poo (facial!), and hottie Oum, who makes farang so horny that he can't conceal his hard-on and shows it to her!
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April 29

More giant Asian cleavages of cute Pung, cool Sa (left), lovely Nim and hot Mickey! More enticing combo-clips with raunchy Em and

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April 22

More exciting pics of sexy Oum in seethrough-tops, lovely Guitar (left), swimsuit-beauty Kim and bubbly redhead Csa! Big combo-clips with

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New pics of hottie Tukta, Kookie's tit-expansion (left), Pim and Nanny! Great new combo-clips with cute

An and cockdoll Ning whopping around without bra in various tight tops, Fa's face smothered between big balls and coated with facial cream - and great Poo performing her third suck-session!
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April 08

Easter-update with busty bunnies Ai, Da (left), cool Pa and cutie Kwaw! New and large combo-clips

showing half-Indian Sinee whopping without bra in various tops, same for sweet bopper Gwan! And for fans of oral hardcore: submissive, saliva slobbering Benc and cockdoll Dada- with facials!
Below: FDDarchive updated with more girls in cock-trouble and other excesses - now online!
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April 01

Tiny Asians with monstrous boobs: Pond, Bom (left), bubbly Namtip and nipple-wonder Tal! Colossal combo-clips of early Poo

whopping without bra, of glamourous Pay, of cool cocksucker Fa blowing bubbles on farang's big dick, and of horny cockdoll Ing - this time she only wants one thing: to get really fucked...!!
Below: for the first time a subtitled story-clip at CDD: busty Asian Marina applies for a housekeeper-job and drives farang nuts with her bulging cleavage! More Asian titfucking & sightings! On Sunday!
March 25

All new pics of busty cuties Fon, Tan (left), Bo and Nang! New, fresh edited combo-clips of lovely An walking in 5

seethrough-tops, of charming half-Indian Sinee whopping without bra, more oral hardcore (with facial) of Nam, and a new subtitled clip with cockdoll Jam, who walks to 'Mr. Jackson's' home, expecting he's always. Good girl as she is, she has always a hand (& open mouth) to help...!
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March 18

New, exciting pics of Ai, glamourous Dow (left), tiny Pon and Deng! More long combo-clips of Jo&Bee playing tit to tit, of Gwan in

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March 11

New pics of rarely posted Tan, Apple (left), Mild and Fon! Nice, new, re-edited combo-clips of lovely Jo in four tops without bra,

butt-doll Priew soaping her muscle arse, stretching her butt-cheeks and sucking big dick! One clip with three girls: bubbly Bee, Lek & Duan! And a great story-clip with Duan, subtitled: every day on her way home, she sees this big man masturbating...fantasizing about his cum-power (awesome cumshot never posted before!!), she's so timid, but one day she's bold enough to approach him...
Below: more from the "Girls-in-Trouble"-series & other oral excesses, now online at FDDarchive!
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March 04

Cool new pics of tiny but mega-loaded Fa, nice Ao (left), Tan and busty tree-nymphet Pla! Amazing new combo-clips of

bra-buster Nam in various tops, dancing with her little rabbit, gorgeous Garfield performing her seductive dancing and suck-skills together in one clip (awesome, massive facial!), another facial for tiny, penis-panicked Dada, and more oral stuff with submissive Benc sucking & face-fisted!
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February 25

Exciting new pics of cute Oi, bubbly Nicky (left), Mook and boob-bimbo Noknoi (right), who, if tits were brains, would be

pretty smart (alas, they aren't, so...)! Great new combo-clips with shapely whopper Kung in various tops, heavy-loaded Por (taken from behind) - and two new, subtitled story-clips: of cool Fah who noticed Mister's hard-on in class, so she felt obliged to meet him later at his home, where he's jacking (as always)! And of girth-greedy Ing, who, before she takes (more than) a mouthful, checks the naughty things she carries in her the end both girls' faces drowned in spunk!
Below: more Asian Jugs (lactating!) and re-edited US-sighting-highlights, Sunday new at CDD!
February 18

New pics of busty muscle-gals Nit and Ple, cute Bibi and Cat! Great new combo-clips with early Poo

in various tops combined with her first facial-shock! More of lovely Phuc! For fans of big boobs and muscly butts a stunning clip with Priew showing her strong ass, including spanking, face-and dick-rubbing & cock-sucking! And a new, subtitled story-clip with classy Jam who shows up at farang's home dressed like a cock-doll without panties! Since he's just throat-pumping another girl (Oi!) with his monstrous meat at the back of the house, Jam waits at the front, enjoying herself with some dirty mags and a huge dildo...
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February 11

Asian Monster-Boobs posing topless: petite Mos, giant Poo (left), Oi and sweetie Tip! Great new clip-combos loaded

with tons of Asian Boobmeat: watch three huge-titted cuties (Om, Tik, Kik) posing in one clip, gorgeous, dark-skinned Yui in various outfits, with bra and without! More oral porn with naughty Nan and tiny Nuk!
Below: FDDarchive updated with 'Girls in Trouble', three-somes and lactating monster-boobs!