September 14

Huge boobs on tiny bodies, this week Nat, Bee, Oi and huge Tukta! 5 new clips showing cute Fa, tiny Pla's

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mighty rack dangling down to her knees, Kung in latex, cokteaser Fah and "Lady Saliva" Prune!
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September 7

huge boobs popping out skimpy tops of: Jane, Nice (left), Nan and Peemai! 5 new clips:

black Mira in white, beauty Jam, face-sitting & dick-rubbing for Kwaw, hot cock-sucker Pung, and Fah surprising farang jacking his big dick - without hesitation she approaches to take over...!
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August 31

More awesome images of Pung, Kung, Oa and Jam! Five new clips of mega-titted Ten, sultry dancer Nice, Fah pumping monster-

dong, greedy sucker Kik and a very powerful facial on Prune's sweet face and into her wide open mouth! There will be more facial cumshot clips to be posted during the next weeks & months...!
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August 24

More pics of pouty Sheer, Nitty's BE-panic, sly Gee and miraculous Mira! 5 new clips of Kik

molested, Prune with & without bra and oral challenges for Fah, Prune and Jam (including facial!)!
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August 17

New pics of Ten, Ae (left), New, Fa and more penile hardcore stills! 5 new clips: Dada

molested, ass-poser Peemai, whopper-bopper Kung, and more mouth-stretching for cock-dolls Kik & Prune!
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August 10

New pics of Bee, Oi, Nat and huge Tukta!

5 new clips with huge Pla, sweet Sheer, Fa swinging her orbs, and cock-dolls Pung and Fah!
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3rd of August

New, enticing images of Nan, Nice (left), Jane and Peemai! Five new clips showing Jam walking in a G-string, bigger & lowslung Mira,

dancer Nok, gagging Kwaw, and Fah who surprises dickman jacking his fat cock and takes over...
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27th of July

This week with new pics of tiny Oa, shapely Pung (left), cool Jam and cute Kung! Five new clips with hot doll Nice in skin-tight latex, office lady Ten, Garfield

and cock-dolls Jam and kinky Kik testing the meat, the first one gently, the other more greedily...
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July 20

New, exciting pics of Gee, Mira, Sheer & Nitty! 5 new clips:

whopping Kung, ass-tease Peemai, huge Tee, and cock-dolls Prune & Fah giving head on high-heels!
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July 13th

More most revealing pics of Ten, Fa, New and Ae - pleased or panicked by sudden breast growth! Plus more hardcore-stills!

5 new clips of whopping Kik and Fa, Dada smothering farang, Prune soaping fat whopper, and facial for Nam!
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6th of July

This week with new pics of hotties Oi and Tukta (left), Bee('s BE) and tiny Nat! 5 new clips showing six girls: Bee, Sheer, Mira & Jenny wearing no bra,

muscly Pung throated, and hobby-filmer Fah spotting a great addition for her big-dick-collection!
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29th of June

This week more huge boobs in skimpiest swim-wear of Peemai, Nan, Jane and Nice! 5 new clips of Ten wearing no

bra, sultry Su, Kwaw puking saliva and Fah joyously soaping the biggest cock&balls she ever saw!
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22nd of June

This week with a new batch of pictures from Kung, Oa (left), Jam and Pung! Five new clips with sexy Jam in black latex, cute bopper

Oa, Dada smothering farang, Kik eating cock, and sweet Prune for the first time pumping dick!
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15th of June

Huge-boobed, but otherwise very different: dark Mira & light-skinned Sheer (left)! More new pics of Nitty in BE-trouble & stoned Gee (right)!

5 new clips with Fa (wearing a bra which doesn't cover her huge aureolae), hot Jenny, amazing teaser Peemai seduces farang with her rack, cute Fah pumping cock, and "Lady Saliva" Prune!
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June 8

We conclude round 1 of new-girls-pics with first images of Ten, Ae (left), New and Fa! Plus a first batch of hardcore-stills!

Five new clips with huge, lowslung Pla! Teaser Nice smothering farang and riding on his face! Dada's boobs spanked! Beauty Jam and raunchy Kik giving head, Jam more gently, Kik like mad as if she wants to eat it!!
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1st of June

This week first pics of new girls Oi & Bee, plus new pics of bigger & better Nat and Tukta! 5 new clips showing Kung

walking with just a G-string, pouty Sheer, Su, Pung's first dick-date, and Prune teasing pumped cock!
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25th of May

This week with first pics of new girls Nan, Jane, Nice and Peemai! Five new clips: Prune swings her orbs, Kik

spanked, whopping Fa, sucking Kwaw, and Fah tries to get that monsterdick into her tiny mouth!
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18th of May

This week with aexciting pics of new girls Kung, Oa, Pung and Jam in skimpy swimsuits! 5 new clips with dancing Garfield, Peemai

smothering farang between her breasts and gorgeous ass cheeks, Mira walking in skin tight black latex, Jam showing her shaved pussy to tease big cock, and cute Fah's first date with dickman!
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11th of May

Set 38 Launch with FDD's most popular feature, the fat movie-trailer!! Packed with many many preview snippets of clips to come!! Huge whopping jugs in motion and any kind of cock-teasing, including massive facials!! Don't miss!!

Plus first pics of our new girls Gee, Mira (left), Sheer and Nitty! - FDDarchive updated with 50 clips from yesteryears, click below:
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4th of May - Last batch of New Girls' Introductions (including oral hardcore stills!), click here or thumbs above! - This week last update of set 37 presenting a large compilation of movie-stills, including molested & spanked Dada, Oil's awesome ass, hard smothering with Tee and Prune, dancing Garfield and Jenny in swimsuits, sultry Su, Katai and Nok - over 140 images!
Five new clips showing nipple-girl Dada, Jenny swinging her mighty orbs, Tee smothering farang, suck-doll Prune, and a messy facial for cock-greedy Kik! New movie-trailer next week!!!
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This week with the last pics of set 37: Prune, Kwang, Uma, Nuay & hardcore-stills!
5 new clips: molested Dada, Su, and again 3 massive facials for Garfield, Prune, Uma&Nuay!
Below, more Asian Jugs grabbed, sucked & fucked, busty street-sightings, Monday new at CDD!
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