March 2

Brand new pics of Lee, Gaya (left), brawny brat Priew and sultry Muay! Long new clips showing

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sexy dancer Jenny bare-boobed, giant Beebee dwarfing her cute little friend Bom! Suck-clips with hijab-girl Ning and busty, long legged Pam taking her her first big-dick-lesson...!
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February 24

Gorgeous new pics of Gai and sweet Pla (left), of skinny but stacked stunners Mia and Am! Large combo-

clips with tiny Dada molested by farang before she grinds her rack into his face, legend Pant pumped and smothered by mega-fat cock, hijab-girl Ning wearing a fishnet top, and suck-slut Mild, dressed like a porndoll on heels to meat a guy wearing his pumped cock in seethrough-pants!
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February 17

Hot new pics of new girls Poi and Aom (left), and of yesteryears' stunners Mind and Dwan! New video

clips showing bubbly Emmy in a seethrough top, powergirl Mai showing her huge bra & cleavage, and two subtitled suck-clips: a large combo of cute Bom from last week, now trying to suck a dick too big for her mouth! And tiny Nuk walking bare boobed, cock-teasing the geek who grabs his dick every time she passes on her way home! And when he finally yanks it out, she can't resist and starts sucking, praising its size and pouting into the camera, asking: "You like...?!"
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February 10

More cool pics of yesteryears' girls Fun and charming Chompoo (left), and of Emmy and Jenny! All new clips of lovely Fa showing deepest

cleavage and more, of cock-doll Mild sucking big dick with loud "fff---opp!!", and large combo-clips of bubbly Beebee facing fat, pumped cock and huge balls dangling in front of her face! She tells her busty lil 'friend Bom about it (subtitles!) to make her jealous, then they start to play with each others monstrous boobs! And next week you'll see how lil' Bom handles the monsterdong...!
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February 3

Great new pics of yesteryears' stunners Dow and Bibi (left), of Mild and Fai! All new clips of tiny Nuk flirting

with massive cock & balls, of sweetie Poi wearing a tight seethrough top, large combo-clips of huge-breasted Wah in black and white, and of brawny cockdoll without panties Jam giving head!
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January 27

This week more new pics of Ayrin, skinny Minny (left), Apple & Aum! New clips showing sweet bopper Aom in

seethrough-sweaters, wearing no bra! Hijab-girl Ning sucking fat cock! Large combo-clips of titanic teaser Mai posing in a giant bra - and legend Pant pumping and sucking mega-fat cock...!!
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January 20

More exciting pics of newbie Rainny, ass-doll Gee (left), of tiny girls Nuk and Kookie and their tits growing from huge to vast! New movies:

showing gorgeous Peaw and bopper Nicky in latex gowns so tight that they're about to pop! Great teaser Jenny posing in a seethrough-sweater! Cockslut Mild catches farang wanking, squeezes his fat cock right between her huge boobs and sucks it like a pro! And: real fucking with cute Nam!! The massive cock is a bit too big for her, but no pain no gain: massive facial!!
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January 13

All new pics of big smile Gaya, sweet Sheer (left), hottie Tukta and luscious Muay! New videos showing cute Emmy in a seethrough sweater,

Nicky wobbling around in a wool gown, tit-teasing farang, suffocating him between her jugs! Horny hijab-girl Fa sucking and draining farang's big balls by receiving a massive facial! And brawny cock-slut Jam walking to farang's house with her panties pulled down to make clear what she eagerly wants! Remembering their first suck-date, she catches him wanking (with subtitles)...!
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January 06

Happy New Year! We start with more pics of new girls Mai and super-skinny Am, of Whipcream and Paer! New videos of hijab-gal Ning

exposing massive cleavage, of tiny Dada teasing farang with her huge rack & swollen nipples under a skin tight top & smothers his head between her boobs! Pigtailed bopper Kik pays farang a visit in order to find a bigger lollipop to suck and to drain his balls! And cock-addict Mild can't wait to get into the house and starts to suck farang's big dick while walking with him to his door...!
Below: more Asian racks & smothering, street-sightings, Sunday new at CandidDingDongs!
December 30

Last update of the year with new pics of torpedo-titted Jam, cute Bo (left), and of new sweeties Poi and Aom (right)! Poi also in the movies, as hijab-girl flashing her

enormous boobs, a combo-clip of stunner Oil (love her shapely legs & tiny ass!), another combo of cute Nam in cock-trouble (with massive facial!), and a new clip with tiny doll Nuk gagging on a cock too big for her mouth, saying that it is "big dick number one" with her sexy, husky voice...!
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December 23

First new pics of lovely Jenny and cute Emmy (left), Big Ben and spectacular, skinny but stacked Jenjira! New, spectacular videos of sweetie Aom walking

around in a school uniform with her tits completely out, tiny Dada wearing no bra with her huge aureolae visible, tit-spanked and smothering farang! Doll Ing's sweet face spanked by fat cock before gagging on it - and hijab-girl Ning soaping monstercock, feeling some steel in it and sucks!
Below: more big titted Asians and street-sightings, now online at CDD! Happy Holidays!!!
Dec 16

Hot new pics of new girls Aum and Ayrin (left), and of returners Fai and great Mild!

Mild also in the movies: dressed like a slut she walks into Farang's house, who is masturbating as always - she doesn't waste time and just starts to shove his big cock between her boobs - the first titfuck at FDD!! More clips with hijab girl Ning and Fa showing their racks and nipples under seethrough-tops! And tiny but busty doll Nuk cockteasing farang in her cute cleavage-outfit - fascinated by his huge, dangling balls right in front of her face, she starts kissing and licking them...
Below: Asian torpedoes and jumbo-danglers - Sunday new at!
December 09

More new pics of new girls Muay, Rainny (left), cockdoll Nuk and great Gaya! New clips showing sweet Emmy

in a seethrough-sweater, cutie Poi wearing hijab but no bra under a totally transparent top - same for Fa, the hijab-girl on high heels sucking big cock! And gorgeous Mild who appears at farang's house with her huge boobs hanging out! She wastes no time, takes his prick out and starts sucking!
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December 2

New girls online! On the left you see the lovely ladies I found on my last trip - you may find some faces which look familiar: Jenny, Emmy, Mild, Fa, this week's update I introduce

only girls you've never seen before: on the left busty sweeties Poi and Aom, on the right super-skinny Am and classy stunner Mai! First video-clips with whopping bopper Aom, lovely Jenny, tiny Nuk
cock-teasing farang with her deep cleavage, grabbing and sucking his big cock! Busty Ning (wearing hijab but no bra), spots a horny geek at the roadside, starts fondling his crotch to find out that he wears no underwear, pulls down his pants and just starts sucking his massive meat!!
Below: new Asian torpedo-tits and stunning street-sightings - Sunday new at CandidDingDongs!
The Brand New Movie Trailer is online!!! FDD's Resurrection with many new, breathtaking girls (and quite some comebacks), and they show more than ever before in the movies: bare, whopping cleavage & nipples, real titfucking!! Many exciting moments from clips to come, including cocksucking & -pumping, massive facials!! Go get FDD's popular feature (with cool soundtrack)!
First pics of the new girls coming soon! This week stunning new pics of cute Meen & Sheer (left), of big Lulu and Gai (right)!
Below: CDD with new Asian tit-models as well! - Sunday online at!
Unbelievable but true greatest news: FDD is back from DingDongLand!!! After more than three years we managed another trip into the jungle of boobs, and what we found is amazing: brand new huge boobed girls and remarkably many ladies we met before the pandemy! Gorgeous
new video takes with fully visible cleavage, nipples and real titfucking, never shown before at FDD! Cocksucking and new massive facials! A fantastittic new trailer movie coming next week!!