Let's start with two of the most popular models from our last set(s): Here we've got Ding Dong Darling Poo, a cutie that many fans have already fallen in love with. She's still growing, and just recently, her already impressive breasts developed some remarkably fat nipples! Poo wears some of the new dresses I got for the girls and poses in schoolgirl-, waitress-, flight-attendant- and police-uniforms, all tailor-made for tiny girls with improbably large chests!!
Also very popular but very different in style is Fabulous Fern. This cool girlie already grew out of her school uniform and performs like a professional in front of the camera. FDD-fans know Fern as combat-girl and bondage slave, now you will appreciate her looks in stylish Chinese dresses, in keeping with the beautiful outdoor location - a secluded place when we arrived for the shooting, but which after a short time became crowded with people and male spectators who especially admired the "running" scenes...
Let's come to the newcomers, this time more than ever! You might ask: where does this dude always manage to find more and more of these unbelievable creatures?! Well, what makes it all possible is my accomplished assistant down there in Ding Dong Land, keeping contact
with the girls, who in turn introduce her to friends and families with daughters and sisters showing the most apparent characteristics of the Ding Dong Tribe. Here you see cheerful Am with her proudly high-resting, firm set of breasts and remarkably bouncy bum!

...seductive eyes and a comparably fair complexion — from the ethno-anthropological point of view it's quite surprising how much some of the girls' features differ from one another, which could lead to the assumption that not all of them stem from the same tribe, and that breast-enlargement-rites of initiation are not restricted to the remote region where I got aware of their practice - an interesting field for genealogic researchers, although I guess their purely scientific interest will become diverted when they see these adorable tit-temptresses in the flesh...!

What is the secret of the DingDong's attraction? Not just their beauty or the size of their breasts...ok, size does matter, but I think it is the troubling and yet appealing combination of obscenely large breasts and youthful, unspoiled faces which sets them apart from
the middle-aged silicone-stuffed models we know in our worn western world. Here you see Som, a cute cosplay-girl and teeny-bopper with excellent, shapely legs and remarkably large nipples for her young age...!
All Ding Dong Girls are young and busty, but they are by no means all alike: Ice doesn't readily fit into the "cute-category" like Som - indeed, she is in a class of her own. I admit, I had to get used to her strong and demanding personality...but on the other hand, the shootings with her were easy work, since Ice didn't wait for my instructions, but decided for herself how to dress, to pose, and to expose her powerful, muscular body!
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