Lil' Oi represents Slim & Stacked in a new dimension: everything is tiny about this girl, except for her...well – if there weren't THOSE, she'd weigh about 70lbs, but her actual weight is 94lbs, so I hesitate to call her "skinny"! Oi belongs to a new generation of Ding Dong Girls: less shy and innocent, more confident about their bodies! Oi likes getting mauled, and it seems that her rapid breast growth goes together with a growing hunger for big ones!
…and Oi is not the only girl who has developed a certain penile appetite! Look at Pant and the little black talisman she wears around her neck (even at school!) – "It's a magic amulet I got from my grandma. She say: make me grow bigger!" Pant explains with a grin that shows her braces. She knows that her Squeezables actually don't need further supernatural support to grow bigger and bigger – the initial rite of herbal treatment still works! All she needs is a strong tactile treatment from time to time to release the tension of her periodic tit growth spurts!
Ann enjoys this "classic" treatment of breast relaxation (vulgo tit grabbing), too! It's not listed in the catalogue of traditional Siamese massage techniques, but it helps to intensify the sensitivity of her massive mounds and to strengthen her "boob power"! Ann especially likes extreme nipple-stretching (as shown on the left) in order to develop fat, protruding nipples which poke through all kinds of clothing! Being a strong girl, Ann loves and needs to be dominated from time to time, so you'll also see her as sexy & seductive bondage slave!
Since her latest tit growth spurt, which saw her bustline burgeon from 55 to 66 inches in four short months, FDD-kitten Meaw is now having mixed feelings about her Mega-Mams. On the one hand, she feels almost humiliated by the dirty looks and naughty remarks she receives every day. She finds it demeaning; yet at the same time it is exciting, even arousing to see men (and women) staring as if hypnotized by her huge tits! She was delighted when I showed her in how many ways humongous hooters like hers can be handled! And as you can see, Meaw has the perfect size for easy instant titfucking in a standing position!
Yes, it's HER!! One of FDD's very first superstars: Luscious Lek! I hadn't expected to see her again, but on my very last day in Ding Dong Land, Lek's Lungs just bumped into me! She told me she's living in Hong Kong right now and just came back home to visit some friends. As you can see, Lek still looks awesome: teaser-smile, Monster-Mambos, and one of the finest bums I ever saw!! Like Meaw, Ann and Pant, Lek enjoys taking a plunge to let her heavy 80-inchers floating in the water – quite a sight to behold!
Ding Dong Girls come and go, some of them seem to be gone for good, but on the other hand, there is no shortage of impressive newcomers – all of them deliriously busty, but still so different, like Jay and New: the latter a dark temptress and cruel teaser, the first an open-hearted teeny-bopper and great dancer! What they have in common: awesome assets – and blue eyes!!
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