Like in the last set, let me start to introduce the - ahem - "smaller" girls of the category: cute&curvy! An enchanting newcomer opens the dance: Young Yu felt a bit shy to pose in front of a cameraman and two assistants (it was her first shooting) - which, however, did not prevent her from proudly pushing and squeezing her young breasts to show how firm and bouncy they are! Provocative poses, presented with a coy look - who did her teach to tease so well?!
As the FDD-regular she is, Pouty Poo does not need to play the shy, innocent girl - we all know that she is a horny little teen who loves to show her outrageously overdeveloped chest! Why else should she dare to wear these skimpy see-through-tops which actually don't hide anything?! She told me she would like to go to school like this to see how teachers react! Brave little girl! Look how prominent her fat nipples poke through the thin fabric! Just a little squeeze, and - oops - they start to lactate! "Milking-time, Mister...!"
Seems that these see-through-tops got quite popular among the girls! This wayt they can show what they've got without being topless! Remember, this is a clean, proper no-nudity site for serious people with scientific interest in natural breast expansion, not one of those smut-sites you might find somewhere else!! Look at our proper newcomer Cor: she even wears a bra (sometimes)! If not, then only to show us the gravity-defying qualities of her breasts and to demonstrate the highly interesting bouncing effect when she jumps up and down (on video, of course)!!
You see, this time I met quite some newcomers from the category cute&curvy who have something in common except 50+ bustlines and teaser-smiles: yeah, they are all properly dressed..., but they also show a bit more than DingDong-Girls usually did! - If you wonder about their funny names: I didn't chose them, these are really their nicks! And those aren't even the funniest: recently, names like A, B or C became quite popular in the Far East. Mysterious Orient...!
If we talk about cute girls, I can't take out Pretty Pant! FDD-aficionados know her from clips of her first cock-suck-lesson. This time, she wanted to learn a little bit more. You see, gobbling up a monster-dick is still a bit tough for her (she almost puked!), but in the end she did quite well and deserved a good facial sperm-bath as reward and left all covered with cum - but still properly dressed! Good girl, and now back to school! - Enough cuties, next week I will show you a bit more lewd characters and slightly bigger girls!!
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