Let's follow our little tradition to introduce the tiny girls first - well, tiny is relative when it comes to the girls bustlines: wait until you see our big girls! But apart from her breasts, Kwan is a really tiny young girl - actually the tiniest I ever met with the smallest waist and cutest little bum you can imagine! As every Ding Dong Girl, her breasts need to be milked daily, but I didn't show it on video yet: see how I squeeze thick spurts of low-fat-milk out of her bouncy teen-jugs, slobbering down all over her skinny thighs...
What a mess! - I didn't expect they would lactate so much! Kung was the first one who allowed me to squeeze her schoolgirl-udders, which seem to produce gallons of milk every day! The floor was flooded and needed some extra-cleaning, but it was great fun and a big release for her! Look what a naughty little girl she is: playing the innocent schoolgirl, but actually she likes to be handled a bit rough, so Kung was all pleased when I showed her my collection of ropes, ball-gags, hand- and ankle-cuffs...!
Woohoo, Candy Kung doesn't seem to be the only naughty girl of our new set!: Look at this little teaser - I bet she knows very well how to get better grades at school: "Just wear an extremely short skirt, a tight shirt, and show a cute smile!", she suggests - and the tongue-piercing will do the rest to make up for her weaknesses in certain subjects. But generally, Ae is a smart girl, especially her oral skills seem to be quite satisfying! And I will tell you a secret: her face and navel aren't the only pierced spots of her body...!
Last time I told you that recently, names like A, B or C became quite popular in the Far East. Well, we've got an A(e), followed by Bountiful B(ee)! If the term "cute" wouldn't exist, it had to be invented for this lovely young girl! Everybody's darling, who likes to please anyone with her charms (I bet you'll lover her too), even her girlfriends! See her tenderly playing and bouncing around with Lil' Jo from set 8! Well, Jo is not so little anymore and gained some inches right where it counts...! Bye the way: from set 8 you will also see again massively grown Som in pleasant girl-girl-games with Ae!
Girl-Girl-action, oral skills, bondage and milking - newcomer Gwen seems a bit intimidated when she hears what our new girls can do! And she feels so small: "Only 48 inches! I will never get a boyfriend!" But Gwen, don't worry: I'm sure there are plenty of guys out there who love small-breasted girls like you, and you are still young, you will grow bigger for sure! That cheered her up a little. "Really?" she pouted. - Really much bigger! Next week I will show you some bigger girls who were tiny as Gwen at her age...!
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