Here we go again, with a new selection of 18 powerfully stacked stunners from the Mysterious East!! As always, I start to introduce the *ahem* smaller girls first (50-60 inches), followed by the bigger and really big girls, to give you the chance to adjust your eyes gradually! - Who said that all Asians look alike will be proven wrong - this time we met girls of all kinds: shy, allure, powerful, outgoing, cute, slutty...and cool, like our first babe, Luscious Lu!
Ning - wow! Look at this cute and innocent face - would you ever believe what a naughty little girl she is? Ning just happened to love big dick, so she was more than willing to suck mine: this cute doll received not less than three massive facial cumshots - and more than that!: for the first time at FDD you will see extended fuck-scenes, and as a special feature: hear the girl talking dirty in her low but husky voice!!
From the cutie to the beast: Em marks the opposite side of our broad girl-spectrum: what a slutty little hottie! When I saw this face and lips, my turkeyneck immediately quivered against the saddle horn (unfortunately not from me but Charles Bukowski...)!! Jeez, those lips are made for sucking, so I didn't have to ask long for a decent blow-job! Funnily, Em claims that her bum is the most attractive part of her body, so she never wears any panties and enjoyed much to get ass-grabbed for the movie-section!
"Noo" means "mouse" in DingDong language - and could you find any better name for this little cock-teaser? Generally, DingDong-girls of this young age have very firm, high-resting boobs almost about to explode, but Noo is the exception with her wonderfully lowslung danglers! Sometimes, she pushes them up with her old and much too small K-Cup bra, but she enjoys much more to let those jugs sagging freely down to her hips! Where will they hang in a couple of years...?
I mentioned earlier that DingDong Girls are not just busty and pretty in an common way. Our girls' features are a bit different from what we might call Asian mainstream beauty. Here we have a good example: Sinee told me that her mom comes from Cambodia and her dad from India - I always guessed that there might be a link between the initiation rites in Indochine and the mother of all cultures, India! If you check our previous sets, you will find more girls with Indian features...
...which leads to the assumption that the genealogy of our girls' families reach back far into past, when Indian priests started their missionary work in South-East Asia which involved rites of reproduction. The stone carvings of busty beauties in Angkor and other temples date back about a thousand years, but the myths behind them must be much older. Well, you probably wouldn't expect that a girl like our bubbly bumble-Bee on the left has a mythical background, but the enigmatic beauty of these girls leaves many open questions...
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