Welcome to our new set of fresh faces from the Mysterious Orient! No matter how often I explore the depths of Ding Dong Land, I'm always surprised to find new treasures of bosomian beauty - wondergirls like An, blessed with a heartbreaking smile, subtle features and a tiny body stacked with a less subtle Rack of Raunchy Rangoons! Here you may already notice what is new in this set: some of the girls dare to show a bit more than usual and are pleased to walk around - bottomless...!
...Or don't mind to show the big and fat toy they love to play with, large enough to match their enormous breasts as you can see on the left - mostly followed by some naughty games with the real thing! No, this stunner is not a sister of popular Pant, even though I first guessed so! Oum has bigger lips and a very perky, almost creepy smile, giving her looks an extra-tease! As if her body wasn't teasing enough - but, as Mae West pointed out: too much of a good thing is - wonderful!
Never say never! Actually my hope starved to see this former FDD-Superstar ever again, but no thing seems impossible in Ding Dong Land! More than two years this gem remained hidden in the darkness of the jungle - and now the frolicking joy to get her back! What a tiny, timid girl she was when I met her first, now she's all grown up, the years in obscurity provided her with a lot of experience and today she seems open for all and everything!
This girl knows well where to put what she needs, when she needs it - always keep your toys & tools handy! Nan is a petite girl, but she seems attracted by big things...would like to explore this - deeper! - Actually she is a good friend of Prang, they even share the same flat, so it was quite easy to take both of them for a ride to the countryside on one of the rare days when it was not raining in the afternoon...
Generally, our newcomers don't start right away in the big league of 60- or 70inchers. Here we have a nice exception: what a cute, innocent face on such a dramatic bustline! But Aew handles her proportions quite cool, doesn't mind all the gawks and whoever needs to grab her tits is welcome. Of course it ain't easy to get a bra for her size, so she's used not to wear any. But for the shootings it was big fun for her to try this old, way too small K-Cup!
This was on one of those rainy afternoons, only enlightened by - Beam! Actually she is a real brat, but more than just well aware of her most significant charms! Beam can tease you into pieces - the rays of her auratic charm are tantalizing, but take care not to get burnt! Do you notice how different all these girls are? Who said all Asians look alike - and this is just the beginning! Beam me up, to the next level - coming next week...!!
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