Welcome to our new set of fresh and bouncy racks from the Mysterious Orient! As usual, we start to introduce the "smaller" sizes first, which means bustlines ranging from 58 to 66 inches, followed by the 70+inchers and then the really big girls showing 80, 90, 100 and more inches of breast flesh! So this girl on the right is, bustwise, the tiniest - nonetheless she seemingly knows quite well how to expose what she got! And she's not the only one showing breathtaking cleavage in this new set!
Here we got lovely Nina, what a cutie!! She's the girl I took the most pics from for this set, and not only pictures: this time I collected much more film footage than ever, soft and hard, and even innocent Nina shows some raunchy cocksucking (even though the rod was much too fat for her tiny mouth)! The good thing about this "smaller" breasted girls is, you get much more stuff to dress, so you can see Nina in many teasing outfits and uniforms, from casual teen fashion to elegant gowns!
The next two girls haven't got the biggest tits of the set (they are still growing), but for sure the tiniest waists! 63-17 is quite a remarkable bust-waist-ration, even more impressive when Pon lifts up her boobs! Despite their size, Pons Ponderosas are quite firm and pointy and do not sag, yet they are big enough to dangle down to her hips and to hide her slender body! You wouldn't believe she gave birth already? Imagine, the milk flow...
This girl you know: our super-skinny superstar Pla - and she got even tinier now, but not every part of her body: her boobs grew another 5 inches! She weighs only 75lbs now, and at least 15lbs are only tit meat! Not sure if you can call this anorexic. "I hardly eat anything, but they just don't stop growing!" She stops eating, but she still loves to suck big fat cock, and enjoys the obligatory massive facial proteine shower!
Here we got another newcomer, and the third cocksucker of this set (from six, this is again more than in any set before). Another one is Em (see below), who tries hard to puke on my cock (the sound is amazing:) Took pics from her too, would you like to see them (see below)?
You see, there is a little problem with the new set: I got too many girls, and I don't know whom I should sort out! This time I met 21, but I don't want to exceed the number of 18! May got interesting features, unusuallly fair skin, massive boobs - good DingDong material. She was the last I met on the trip, but not the last of the new set! This is only the prelude, the really busty girls are still to come...get bigger eyes on next page...!
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