The winter-set is always a bit shorter than the summer-set, so I told myself there's no need to hunt too hard, but in the end again I met so many Ding Dong lasses that I consider to save some of them for the next set. Some came only for one single shooting, others only for video-takes, but all in all there were 29 girls eager to show their enormous assets, and hardly one with a bustline below 70 inches! Holy cow, where might this all lead...?!
I even found time for a short japanese jaunt to Tokyo, where I ran into a shop filled with the most sexy swimsuits you can imagine, so I took some back to DDL to see how the girls might fit in. And as you can see, the effect is breathtaking, and the girls felt so proud to show what they've got without getting all nude - but almost, since those nipplestrip-slitgrippers hardly cover anything! And you'll see them in the movies as well!
As sweet as they might look, some of the girls really got not only tit-power, but raw physical strength to brutally beat up people who get in their way. As did Janee. Teaser Nok performed a serious cat-fight and showed how to dominate a less endowed lass who dared to show up for a shooting at the same time! And after being beaten up, poor Janee got even more humiliated by serving as Nok's sex-slave!
Nong is softer-minded, whereas her boobs are slightly bigger than Nok's, so I hope they won't meet - Nok could become jealous... Look at those nipples and aureolae! Not easy to hide them under those skimpy swimsuits and bikini-tops! Shy little girl: proud enough to expose megatons of tit-flesh bulging out everywhere but too bashful to show her nipples nude! ;-)
Enticing Kim, one of the most beautiful new girls of the new set, very tall, blessed with mindboggling proportions and absolutely stunning features not often seen in this part of Asia. She told me why: her dad is Japanese! Very lovely lady, unfortunately I met her before my Tokyo-trip, so I couldn't show her the new sexy swimsuits...but this rack in just a black bra looks also quite attractive!
With "only" 68 inches Priew got the "flattest" chest of the whole set, which of course looks majestic on such a small frame! And she's still growing... Actually, when she goes to school she can hide her proportions, well, not totally, that's impossible, just a tiny bit - but wait until she takes off her top - woohoo! A real sweetie with petite body, huge bust and one of the finest, cutest bums in FDD history!
Now we come to one of the bigger girls of the new set! Mighty 84 inches, and even though her orbs dangle down to her knees (when she bends forward), the flesh is quite firm and projects out at least three feet in front! The ideal woman, and a very nice girl as well! The new set not only contains an impressive squad of newcomers, but spectacular comebacks of stunners I missed to see for years...
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