Welcome to set 26 and its wonderful new girls! I'll introduce 23 of them, six comebacks of girls you asked for and 17 all new models like supercute boob-doll Por! She got the sexiest waist of the set, too bad you can't see it so well since her huge honkers generally hide her beautiful sixpack...
You see, the poses are getting bolder! Amazing what these lasses are able to do with their mega-mugs, or have you ever seen a girl showing cleavage on her back?!! Or throwing her danglers over the shoulders?! Just incredible...
Now she's my personal favorite, not only because she got the prettiest feet of this set! Just love her perky smile and open attitude: when I met her first a year ago I didn't know she's such a naughty girl! Actually one of the best cocksuckers I met in DDL: no matter how far I pumped it down her throat, she just kept smiling - and got rewarded by two fat facial cumshots!
Nok is the tallest girl of the set with the longest legs I've ever seen on a DingDong girl! And such a petite bum! Lovely. And what a tiny waist, I wonder how she manages to carry those 76-inchers on such a skinny body, but they are remarkably strong and firm and don't hang lower than down to her ant-waist..!
Here we got a different type, more glamourous, very proud of herself and not really a sweetie! She loves to dominate, and if you call her cute she'll probably hit you...
Many girls would be proud as hell if they got half as much of tit as the amount of flesh spilling out of this way too small bra! Looks like she got 4 boobs instead of two...;-)!
Gip is the kind of DingDong girl we use to love: cute, innocent and deliriously stacked! Even after 12 years of FDD still stunning to see how such a small, young girl can develop those tremendously oversized flesh-bags?! And look what she can do with them! Actually, Lil' Gip is close friends with big, beautiful Mind, you'll see her again in this set, no pictures but just sucking dick! ;-)
"Grab me!", this horny lass seems to yell! Indeed, Aeoy is the sluttiest girl of this set, arrogantly stretching out her mighty honkers for slapping, pinching, sucking and fucking!!
I know what you think: this can't be her real name, or have you ever seen a donut with huge tits? These inofficial nicknames are funny, very common are alphabet-nicks like A(e), B(ee), C(ee), and we had a FDD-girl named Fanta before, but Donut is funny as well - in a way it fits since she's sweet, soft and has a hole in the mi...ok, I'll stop that. :) Having huge boobs doesn't necessarily mean to be smart, and Donut is no exception - but who cares about brains if the've got hooters like those...?!

That's the first part of introductions, click here to see the next eight breast wonders!!