Welcome to set 27 and its wonderful squad! A new generation of Dingdong's has grown up (and is still growing!), so young, skinny and deliriously busty! 'Not' on the left is such a sweetie and what a petite little girl, if there weren't these monster-honkers...! She and the next one, Aitim, are sort of friends...
When Not is the cutie, then Aitim is a brat. For her, big boobs are not everything: nipples are important too!! She's so proud on her bigger bustline but especially on her extra-large nipples, fatter than Not's already very big ones which stand out about two inches! And they don't even use nipple-pumps!
Now what a tease do we have here! A glance form these cat-eyes could kill, and her body simply blows your mind - it's not only her jugs, take a look at those fantastic, endless legs and shapely bum! Hmm, I think I'd like to see her again - she got talent...
Another slant-eyed boobie-cat, actually the last girl I met on the latest trip and a friend of DingDong-girl Mo (from set 24), who introduced me to two new talents. I think Geetah's unusually fair skin will attract many breast-obsessed farangs out there. Mo herself, the Afghan beauty, will become part of the set as well, of course...!
First I wasn't quite sure if she's pretty enough for FDD, but when I looked at the pictures I quickly realized how wrong I was! What a cute face, thriller smile, and hot legs...! Nice titties too...;-)
This is the other one Mo introduced to me; "She would be so happy if you take her for photo!", and a happy-girl she is indeed, despite of her youth not shy at all and very proud to show her small yet abundant body!
Great new find, but I was very lucky to spot her, since I was just on the way for a shooting with another lass when we literally bumped into her. Awesome face, great tits, mega-long legs and a very well shaped, big bum on such a tiny body!

Now this was just one third of the new squad! Click *here* to see more, bigger & biggest girls of the new set...!!