Let's skip the routine showing "smaller" girls first - let's start with a big one: I guess at least 2 thirds of Ying's body mass is just tit - that's, ah, pretty big ...the rest is just pretty , and extremely tiny: just 4.8 height, angelic face and well shaped bum & legs - she could be the younger sister of great Pay!
Big Ying was introduced to me by this little big girl: hottie Namtip! Maybe the shortest girl I ever met, maybe even shorter than Pon from set 25, but a great tease with a truly massive bust! And she sucks! The view of a fat monstercock in her tiny mouth and the reaction when she saw it first - priceless!
This is the brat of the set, a little teaser proud to show her huge boobs to the public. And keen to grab my bulge right at the first date in front of her girlfriend: "Wow, he's big!" ...But she didn't expect it that big when she saw it for the first time in the flesh! And never ever such a massive load flooding her sweet face...!
Now this is actually one of my favorites of this set, a fresh face with a sparkling smile - and unusual nick. At first time you might notice just her amazing bust-size and cute teaser-smile, but she got a pretty meaty bum and an excellent tiny waist as well! The movies will show this better than her pics...
Sometimes I find a girl thinking she looks quite ok let's take her for a shooting and that's it. But when I watch the images later at home more closely I realize: Wow, this face looks amazing, why didn't I do more with her?! Just look at this tiny sexy mouth and imagine...I really shouldn't stare at the girls' racks only...
In fact you might think that all DingDongGirls are naughty sluts, but this is not the case at all! Actually it takes some effort persuading them to show their breasts nude, and pussy-spread is a no-go for most of them. Fortunately, there are some exceptions - like this raunchy slut, Mai!
Now this is a girl I know for about 4 years, back then she was a cute stunner, very timid, but curious as well. 3 years ago she agreed to touch big dick, 2 years ago she accepted facials without sucking, last she she sucked for the first time (better: suckled). This time she takes it deeper, and what a tease when she holds this fat, pumped, pissing monstercock, showing a perky grin... of course she's one among the six blessed who received a massive facial!