We saw her first in set 19 when she was one of the smallest girls with just 60 inches bustline. She came back in set 22 with a considerably larger 74inch-bust. And now, after 4 more years, Prem is one of the biggest with her whopping 122-monsterboobs! And still one of the tiniest girls of the set (not the tiniest!) with a "net weight" of about 70lbs (with boobs more than the double, triple...?!)!
Some more comebacks in this set: stunning Dengmon (like Prem last shown in set 22) grew to similarly huge size, will be shown in movie-clips only like FDD-legend Ped and naughty Nes who came over for more oral excesses! Sexy sultry Pu will be back as well, the rest only newcomers, like this exceptional beauty on the right...
...and on the left! An unusual name in DingDongLand, so I asked about her background: she was born as DingDong girl, but later adopted and raised by christian parents, so here we got the very first and only catholic DingDong girl! Gladly, she is smart enough not to deny her heritage and accepts and enjoys to be blessed with such honkers!
Unlike Teresa, Ploy is a quite common name in DDL, but as far as I remember (jeez, so many girls in 15 years!), this is the first Ploy at FDD - the perfect DingDong girl: subtle features, skinny body and overwhelming bustsize!
Fa is one of my favorites of this set - her stunning looks and bustline aside, she knew quite well how to pose and to expose her enormous breasts! And since she seemed to like "big black cock" (as printed on her slut shirt), she didn't disdain a fat, purple one and sucked it quite well! "Never done this before!", she whispered with a twinkle in her eye...
This is another naughty girl of the set: when I asked her to suck really big dick she showed a big smile, grabbed my bulge right away, asking: "This one?!" Besides her enormous chest, New got an excellent body and some of the finest, shapely legs and buttocks I've seen on my trip!
Like New, marvellous Munt got one of the best, spankable bums of the set, but first of all I was stunned by her subtle, sexy features. She told me she had an office job on a beauty farm until they told her that her breasts got too big and she had to quit! Logically, she took her next job at FDD, where careers grow with bustlines!
Getting a regular job is quite a challenge for the girls: Tan considered to become a nurse, but as you can see, she pops out of any decent dress! So, FDD is one of the few options left for the girls. Quite a tease with her big, cock-stiffening smile...!

This is just the first batch of our new girls - click here for more introductions with the tiniest DingDong girls ever...!