We I saw her first in set 28 I was immediately thrilled by her impressive 74-bust, not knowing that she was only at the beginning of a remarkable growth spurt: within 18 month she topped the 110-inch-mark already, brava! And she kept her tiny body and perky cockteaser-smile designed for rough face-fucking, so finally she got a fat monstercock between her cute braces and two nasty facials on her sexy face!
Nan is one of the very few girls in DDL who was able to communicate in proper English, but when I saw her open smile and large mouth with big suck-lips I guessed she could be talented for French as well! And I was right, when she saw throbbing cock swinging in front of her face she couldn't help to suck it, even though its monster-size caused some trouble even for a deep throat like hers...
Always glad to see this half-Afghan stunner from time to time, still one of the most beautiful girls FDD ever presented in its long history. I always wondered how this marvellous beauty would look with a fat cock between her succulent lips - she claimed she never sucked one before! I doubt that - nevertheless she took a selfie to show all her friends what a big one she caught!
Mmh, this one looks nice on pictures...as you can see, the DingDong-girls show some more confidence and like to take selfies of their stunning faces and breathtaking bustlines, especially when a farang shows them new sexy tops to wear and to expose their mindbogglers to the max!
Even though she shows a happy smile, blonde cutie Nat was at first very reluctant to take pictures for a crazy stranger - can't blame them at all, but after a while the girls feel more comfortable and even show some pride to show how much they got and that there are some people out there who like them the bigger the better and don't consider them as freaks!
Bigger is better, and this newcomer seems to be the biggest of the set, even though tiny but monsterboobed Kwaw comes close. Good to know that there are some heavenly creatures on this planet with mega-monsterjugs dangling down to their knees!
Now this was the fun-girls of the set, you wouldn't realize at first sight since she didn't care much about posing for pictures - but together with her flat-chested sister she changed completely! In the movies you will see her playing quite roughly, showing her dominance, tossing her sis around with her chest, pushing her poor face deep down her gorgeous cleavage! And after the shooting turning into the shy, innocent lass as before!

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