"Beauty and the Bust" - Van's classic features inspired me to cast her for a studio shooting with traditional silk costumes from ancient Siam. The staff was in awe, but there was a problem: "Solly Mistah, this laddee big too mak! No have big top for laddee you!" Huge amounts of silk were needed to cover those wonderful globes, but you can still see Van's fat nipples poking through several layers of fabric! Yum...!!
"The Return of Nang" - and what a formidable comeback! Here's our ideal Lara Croft the way we've always wished to see her! Forget Angelina Jolie - Nang packs the bigger guns!! But strong girls sometimes need to be restrained, so enjoy this girl not only as jungle fighter, but also as Bondage Beauty, tied up with heavy ropes, gagged and cuffed!! Mmmmph...!
Wheew...this is the hottie of the new squad: a powergirl with strong, muscular legs and ass-cheeks you could break bricks on! And don't forget the impressive breast "muscles" she "flexes" when she dances just for you. But strong girls like her sometimes need a firm hand, so like Nang she received some strict bondage treatment. Fern's powerboobs had to be bound tight, since she likes to use them as deadly weapons!!
...especially when she plays her favorite role as "special agent 53HHH" with her friend Jo. Together, these armed-to-the-teeth young ladies struggle against the forces of evil. Watch their guns in action at beautiful outdoor locations, where you can see them training and displaying their terrifying tit-fighting skills!! Now you know why we call them "knockers"...
Seductive schoolgirl, titillating street-fighter or tantalizing Thai-princess: Jo is a girl of many faces and facets. Like Van, we took Her Royal Cuteness to the studio and dressed her in various beautiful silk costumes. After the shooting, one of the makeup girls approached me with a twinkle in her eye: "Mistah, next time you bring man model with very big...ummh?!"
Bodacious Beauties, Bondage Belles, Hardcore Hotties or Ponderous Powergirls: FDD is proud to present a wide range of Teat Teasers to tickle your imagination. Here's "Lil' Yo", a teeny-bopping newcomer: a fun-loving little brat with a firm rack and a mouth big enough to be stuffed with gags and...whatever! Yo also loves to wear tight corsages to emphasize her amazing bust-waist ratio!
Oh, oh...! This newcomer's bust-waist ratio is remarkable, too...but you can't see it because Oh's massive jugs dangle down to her hips! The contrast between her innocent face and those obscenely low-slung udders might be disturbing to the Western eye - but Oh loves the heavenly sensation of her hefty hangers gently wobbling around her crotch!
"Hang 'em Lower!" Now, these Ding Dongs are incredible! It's hardly possible to measure a "bustline" when a girl's nipples reach almost down to her knees! But Nee (naughty as ever, as you will see) is proud of her endless slopes and the longest cleavage of any Ding Dong Girl: almost three feet!!! A lot of work, but also loads of fun to get those blimps tied up with ropes!
Sexy, sultry Su: a huge new discovery! How the heck could I have missed her all those years before?! Actually, Big Su is vaguely reminiscent of Notorious Nok from previous sets - the perfect model for evening shootings in more elegant outfits.
Talking about perfect models, Ponderous Poe is the premier choice! Beautiful and BIG as always, Poe is becoming ever more confident in front of the camera! Probably the easiest model to work with, a true teaser and for sure one of the most popular Ding Dong Girls! Like Nee, Lil' Yo, Nang and Fern, this good girl finds herself getting heavily tied up, hand-cuffed and ball-gagged...oummpphh!!!
Pouty Poo - can't get enough of this Ding Dong Darling and her teaser-smile...so I was very happy to see her again. This time, we took Poo and her busty friend Gae on a long trip to beautiful Ding Dong Land locations to show them playing badminton, bike-riding and tit-fighting!! The solo-set portrays Poo as teen tit dream not only in casual outfits, but also in more elegant and classy style!
These two girlies epitomize pure happiness and joy - it's so much fun to watch them jiggling and bouncing around - especially when they try to "suffocate" their flat-chested girlfriend! These babes might be petite - but they've got a queen-sized sense of humor! And who knows what size they will reach in the future...!