4' 9", 56 - 24 - 34

A romantic girl - seemingly shy, she likes to tease with her sexy sultry looks. Her giant breasts are probably the most firm of all the girls.

5' 0", 51-21-31

Cute and innocent, but with a sexy husky tone in her voice. She's got a lot of humour, too. Likes dancing - and lollipops.

5' 0", 49-22-33

Ead has the 'smallest' breast size (a mere 49 inches), but as the oldest she is self-confident and almost frighteningly experienced. Ead acted as an example, a role model, a mother figure to the younger girls...

5' 1", 55-18-28

Noi is the youngest of all, a bubbly personality, a bit childish, likes pulling funny faces. She was the girl who seemed to have the most difficulty squeezing herself into the bra cups! Soft, smooth skin, an amazingly tiny waist combined with huge boobs, she's also surprisingly tall. And Noi is still growing! Look at the new pictures of her in the main section!

4' 10", 54-19-29

Pen has about the same proportions as Noi, but she's not as tall. A much quieter girl - always friendly and smiling.

4' 11", 53-20-30

Cool girlie type with a charming soft voice. She likes to dress-up and tried all the make-up I bought for the girls.

4' 11", 52-19-28

An absolutely crazy, wild girl, likes dancing, singing and has a slim, muscular body. Unfortunately, she moves so much that it was too hard to take a whole set of pictures from her...after a few minutes I had to give up.