Welcome to our next and new set of fantastically endowed wondergirls! On his recent trip to Ding Dong Land, the Crazy Farang met more newcomers than on any other boob cruise, and maybe some of his best! I know, de gustibus non est disputandum, but what the heck, a girl like Prang must be everybody's taste! Isn't she beautiful?! Well, maybe some will consider her boobs as too large, but those people should leave this place quickly, since Prang is one of the smaller-sized girls of the new squad...!
"Small" in Ding Dong terms means bustlines between 50 and 60 inches, so newcomer Ped plays already in the medium-size-league! A pure, natural beauty with refreshing charms you can easily fall in love with! She was among the girls I took on a trip outdoors to the countryside, where Ped and her friend Kia (the amazing dancer from last set) had fun in the sun at a beautiful lakeshore!
Fine weather was granted at this time of the year, so we took the opportunity for several outdoor-trips. Newcomer Kik was the right girl for such an adventure, since she wasn't shy to expose her incredible bust in public and enjoyed the gawks, for example when she posed next to a heavily frequented highway! Even though she looks a bit cheeky, Kik was in fact one of the nicest girls I met there!
Many girls I met on former trips just disappeared, got married, left Ding Dong Land or whatever. But there's always hope to see them again, bigger and better! It was more than 2 years ago when I met Oi last time and always wished to see her again, since she is not only the skinniest superstacked girl, but one of the most talented cocksuckers! She didn't change much, except for her bustline which grew more than 20 inches and her jugs now dangle down to her thighs!
Another popular girl coming back and bigger: Naughty Ning! She seems such a cute innocent little thing, but she also has big needs - so I didn't miss the opportunity to give her some good throat-pumping and massive facial cumshots! During last year, her bust grew about 10 inches, and like Oi, the little teaser enjoyed to expose her tits and nipples a little bit more than last time...!
Now what do we have here? Why are you hiding yourself, young lady? Feeling a bit shy among all these naughty girls doing nasty things? Wa is the kitty-cat of the new squad, being a bit insecure how to handle her recently blossomed "charms". But she is curious and eager to learn how the big girls do! Ok, they won't get any smaller than this - now I'll show you some more of our new mouthwatering big-bust-beauties of the mysterious orient...!
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