Welcome to the 33rd set and its awesome new girls! Every time I go DDL I'm stunned about the variety of faces and features - this one definitely fits my taste: mighty mugs, muscly arse, cute braids, hoarse voice and sexy features in a small face, but with a mouth big enough to blow big ...things! Reminds me a bit of a girl with similar nick & looks, ass-doll Priew...but definitely a different gal.
I see her from time to time since about 6 years now, and every time her body seems to get more skinny but her boobs continue to grow larger and larger! That's my kind of girl! The 120 inches are a rough estimate since there's no tape long enough for accurate measurement! For the first time I realized what a tiny, cute little ass she got...
What a comeback! I met her last in 2008 and since then she was the most devoted cocksucker at FDD ever! By pure chance I strolled around a part of the city where I usually never go, and there she was! Of course I wanted to check if she didn't forget her oral skills and casted her for two extended suck-sessions...such greedy jaws! Sounds crazy, but it felt like she removed the teeth from her lower jaw to give better head...! That's what I call commitment!
What a cool lass, I was immediately stunned by her drowsy look and laid back attitude: 'do you mind I take some pics?' - 'no pompem' (problem). "Do you suck cock?" - Instant nod. I love those large, pouting lips of her - and she's quite a gagger, producing a lot of saliva...almost like former star 'gagging' Gai!
Did I tell you I like small faces with subtle features? And girls with short hair? And tiny Asians with monsterboobs? So, obviously, Kaew was a top-notch-candidate for the new set and the very first girl I met on the recent trip.
And another comeback-girl: short and bubbly Namtip! Last time we saw her was in set 28, I always wanted to get her back, but she behaved completely nuts, passed me wrong phone numbers, didn't pick up calls and coninuously didn't show up for appointed shootings. Now she changed her attitude and showed up in time for a couple of new photo-, video- and pump&suck-sessions! Naughty gal!
But Namtip wasn't the only one who completely changed her bahvior! I know sexy cat-face Mild since set 27 and she was always a favorite of mine: huge tits of course, but also long and muscly legs and this super-hot teaser-face! But after our first shooting she never agreed for another shooting and even refused to talk to me after I asked her to give head! To my big astonishment, this time she acted extremely friendly, and happily agreed to wrap her lips around my throbbing prick! So never say never in DingDong Land...!

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