Next batch of new girls for the set - here we got probably my best model Jenny (or "Mrs. Jenny Tribal" how I like to call her :)! Got many pics and video footage with her. Such a lovely lass! Since DingDong girls like to sleep during daytime, I casted this one for a shooting at 6am in the morning, right after sunrise, when the heat was still bearable and the sun not too strong!
And here we got one of those girls definitely not able to work at daytime - they have their reasons, it's not just dizziness, but many girls stay with their family to help out and simply have no time for a shooting. Nonetheless I'm very happy I found her, pouty face, huge eyes and a charming hippie-look.
We had many A, B, C, D's in our sets (in DDL parents like to sort their kids alphabetically, don't ask me why), but this is the first "M" - let's call her Emme since it looks more noble. Cool beauty, and even though DDL might be referred to as "Land of Smiles", this girl, like model Aum above, looks hotter if she doesn't smile. I think this time I found more stunning faces than in other sets (believe it or not, we cast girls by faces!)...
Now here we got the brat of the set, little devil Tawan! Very proud of her young, firm breasts, and damn, she knows how to tease! Powerful, strong body, and she dances like hell, you'll see in the movies! Great find!
I think this girls needs a license for her smile, it's like a weapon! It makes her face explode, irresistable! Moreover, Nit is a very sporty girl with a strong and muscular body, and flexible too, she does the splits almost as well as Ple! Got quite a lot of video shooting with her, in- and outside the pool...
Couldn't resist to cast her again since she's, next to Ing and Oi, the best cocksucker of the set, not afraid to take a really big one deep down her throat! And she got a younger sister, Bos, so Preaw persuaded her to pose as well - will introduce Bos next week, nice looking but not as raunchy as big sis Preaw.
If you may ask for my personal taste - here you go, Bew is among my favorites of this set, I love her delicate looks! If I were 20 years younger I'd definitely fall in love, but nowadays I don't easily loose my mind and prefer a... more professional approach. But it was fun to play with her, so we got some nice vids of her teasing farang with her incredible rack!
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