Here we go with another squad of awesome new girls for Set 37, and again we found some most appealing new faces like doll-face Uma - awesome features, skinny body, endless legs, mindblowing rack! But even after so many sets there's always something new: after her photo-shooting Uma wanted to introduce her little sister for taking pictures as well. This happens from time to time, girls showing their friends or sister, but in most cases I refuse since these girls are almost always less attractive, but not here!
Her sister Nuay was darn cute, and when I started to take some shots I felt my cock started pumping! So I suggested to take them both for a double-suck shooting, and they immediately agreed! So this was the first time two sisters sucking Farang's cock! And wow, this sweet girl did almost better than Uma, and it was a big thrill to see big sister watching her little sis sucking a huge cock of a guy she just met!
Prune was another great find on the latest trip - when I spotted her I immediately thought: this might be the new Pla! In fact, with her short hair and innocent looks, she reminds me a lot of FDD's superstar in her early years! But when it comes to sucking, Prune seems much more experienced than Pla! Even though she probably had never seen a dick of this dimensions, she didn't hesitate to take it deep into her tiny mouth and produced a lot of saliva, almost like gagger Gai!
There were many girls giving head at FDD, but many of them anxiously suckled only the tip of the dick, but this time we found some excellent suck-dolls with deep throats! One of them is kinky Kik, who reminds me a bit of stunning Pon many sets ago. When I saw her teaser smile I thought this big mouth is designed for cock-sucking, but I was surprised how hard she took it right away!
Kwang is another great suck-talent, and again a premiere on FDD because this lass is only half Asian since her dad has African roots! Maybe that's why she was not afraid of big dick, so she agreed to a suck-session without hesitation! And again I was surprised how well she did, without fear to gobble up as much meat as she could!
For this set I collected six facials on seven girls, and actually pouty Su was on my list! What a doll, skinny body, long legs and and a pouty face that screams for a massive facial! But she told me she never did it before, maybe she would have done it, but then I met two other girls from my last trip again whom I long desired to show their oral skills - and one of them did even more than that...!
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